Tag: Photography

Martins Deep finds purpose in confessional poetry and visual arts

While the majority of boys his age were mindlessly flying paper kites and choosing ‘sets’ for their street football team,…

Haneefah Abdulrahman 11 Min Read

How Abena Appiah switched from biomedical science to photography

It's not always easy to choose the appropriate path in life. Abena Appiah, a London native, has always been fascinated…

Eniola Emmanuel 7 Min Read

Genius Grant winning artist Njideka Akunyili Crosby expresses cultural collision in her works

The paintings of Njideka Akunyili Crosby, a Los Angeles-based artist, are simple at first glance, featuring home and commonplace situations…

Eniola Emmanuel 2 Min Read

Throwback to when Andrew Esiebo documented West African barbershops in photos

Barber culture is something of a phenomena in West Africa. Andrew Esiebo, whose images focus on social and cultural transformations…

Eniola Emmanuel 1 Min Read

Ikeorah Chisom Chi-Fada uses his paintings to honor and “revere” his fellow Nigerians

Ikeorah Chisom Chi-Fada sets his characters in "an atmosphere that respects them" and "a space that reveres them in and…

Eniola Emmanuel 8 Min Read

Oil-Rich Niger Delta: Veteran Photojournalist George Osodi’s timeless shots

George Osodi, a veteran photojournalist from Nigeria, is a master of his craft. The Lagos-based artist has spent a significant…

Eniola Emmanuel 1 Min Read

This 62-year-old left a successful architecture career to become an award-winning artist

Abe Odedina, a professional architect, abandoned his career in architecture to pursue a second, less restrictive artistic path as a…

Eniola Emmanuel 2 Min Read

Stephen Tayo dumped a philosophy degree to express himself through photography

Stephen Tayo is a true flaneur who roams the streets of Lagos, observing and examining everyone he encounters. The young…

Eniola Emmanuel 3 Min Read

The Year of Free Birds – A collection of stories featuring visually impaired protagonists

Begin and round up your holidays with a spectacular yet sombre collection of four stories revolving around visually impaired characters.…

Eniola Emmanuel 1 Min Read
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