Tag: Photography

Vivid Colours of Culture Unfold in Sarkin Foto’s Calabar Festival Photos

Sarkin Foto is a Nigerian documentary photographer who is passionate about capturing and preserving the diverse cultures and traditions of…

James Melbin 1 Min Read

Yagazie Emezi’s Photographs Spark Conversations About Nigeria’s Environmental Crisis

Yagazie Emezi is a self-taught photojournalist who explores the boundaries of contemporary topics, such as the one that introduced me…

Raji Mary 9 Min Read

Passion drove me into photography

Damilola Elliott trained as an architect but lives on photography, a hobby he picked early but refined at the University…

Akintayo Abodunrin 7 Min Read

Why Stanley Ebonine is creating an NFT community to foster cultural representation in Web3

The world has seen a surge in the adoption of digital artworks via the not-so-new NFT medium, and we’ve been…

Eslah Ayenajei 8 Min Read

Photographer Solomon Uhiara translates experiences of sleep paralysis into debut NFT collection

The world has seen a surge in the adoption of digital artworks via the not-so-new NFT medium, and we've been…

Eslah Ayenajei 9 Min Read

Ademola Ojo creates art to preserve culture and document society

Nigerian contemporary visual artist, Ademola Ojo, dreams of a time when the world will marvel at the traditions of the…

Tope Akintayo 10 Min Read

Photographer Blaq Sleek wants to help people gain confidence in their looks, a portrait at a time

Gideon N Gabriel, mostly known as Blaq Sleek, is a portrait photographer from Zaria, Nigeria. His photos are characterised by…

Haneefah Abdulrahman 11 Min Read

Obibini Kobby, the creative photographer panning in on Ghana’s everyday realities

The works of Ghanian creative photographer, Obinini Kobby, are filled with bright and vibrant colours. He has built a strong…

Tope Akintayo 5 Min Read

James Van Der Zee’s legacy documenting the 1920s Harlem Renaissance through photography

Without the past, it's hard to envision a future to build on, things to avoid, and the ones to become.…

Eslah Ayenajei 3 Min Read
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