Brigid Chemeli

Brigid Chemeli

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Listen to These 8 Educative Podcasts to Broaden Your Knowledge of African Culture

. Remember who you are. Let the stories sync in, right to your soul like the beat of a drum,…

Brigid Chemeli 9 Min Read

What Would Gen Z Do? Through the Lens of Kenyan Tiktoker Charlette Wangui Gakuo

Charlette Gakuo, a 21-year-old Kenyan Tiktok content creator, explores the distinctive behaviour of the Gen Z populace in her viral debut,…

Brigid Chemeli 7 Min Read

Managing Abusive Content Consumption for Children’s Online Safety in Kenya

  Regulators and the Tech industry have focused on young people's online content acquisition, including content upload filtering and automated…

Brigid Chemeli 6 Min Read

Film-Making through the Lens of Bobby Junior Owuor

Forget about relying solemnly on film school to prove your filmmaking skills. The future of film is in the vision,…

Brigid Chemeli 8 Min Read
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