Submissions and Pitches

Would you like to get featured or published on The Moveee? You and your work can be featured and recognized on our platform in many ways.

First, we’ll like to inform you that the volume of emails we receive daily is high, and we try our best to respond to as many as possible. However, we can not personally respond to everyone. If you follow the submission guidelines strictly and your submission is successful, we will reach out to you promptly.

Writing Submissions

We are always on the lookout for new writings. We publish interviews, reviews, cultural commentaries, lists, and guides. We also publish essays, memoirs, letters and diaries, fiction, and poetry. Please send your work for consideration. For your work to be considered for publication, it must be thoroughly edited to be free from typographical and grammatical errors. We assume that the work you are submitting is ready for publication or would only require minor editing.

NB: For literary submissions, we are specifically fascinated by works that touch on societal, cultural, and political issues. We are big on the human condition and the state of modern communities. We love to publish works that help us see ourselves individually and collectively.

Submit your pitches for consideration by emailing The email subject should have the prefix Writing Submission.

Visual Art Submissions

Our Visual Art section features work from both established and emerging creative professionals creating works in any of these categories: painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, photography, video, filmmaking, design (including industrial, graphic, fashion, and interior), crafts, and architecture.

NB: The projects that we are drawn to (especially for painting, drawing, and photography) have strong themes, a compelling narrative, or both. We love stories that have a quirky element, or they may have a social message or resonate emotionally. We are also keen to have equal representation of female creatives and other voices that don’t get heard enough against the babble of conventional mass visual media. There is so much creativity out there, so much resourcefulness, and so many ways of conveying social, political, and cultural messages.

Submit your work by emailing with the following (the email subject should have the prefix Visual Art Submission):

  • State the creative category in which you’d like to be featured: Fine art & Culture, Literature & Writing, Digital, Design, Fashion & Style, Photography, Film & Animation, Music, Advertising, or Gaming.
  • Your full name, location, and bio.
  • A link to your website, online portfolio, or social media pages.
  • A description of the work you’d like us to feature (or a press release, if possible). Up to 500 words outlining the project, inspirations, and any background information (we reserve the right to edit text).
  • At least six JPEGs or PNGs of your work; minimum 2,600 pixels wide and RGB format for screens (please note, we don’t like white backgrounds or borders – if you’re sending product or lifestyle shots, please supply images with grey or colored backgrounds). All files should be captioned.
  • Please note that for moving imagery, we accept GIFs (minimum 1,000 pixels wide; no more than 10MB) and MP4s. Include a link to any accompanying video on YouTube or Vimeo if necessary.
  • Help us out a little further by telling us more about you, where you studied (if anywhere), your style and inspirations, and what you’re passionate about – the more information you provide, the better.

If you’re an agency or studio and have a press release about your latest graphic and web design or advertising project, please send everything we need to

Want to be interviewed?

We’re always looking for notable creative practitioners, entrepreneurs, and professionals across all creative fields to feature in our Interviews sections. If you or someone you know would like to be featured, please send a pitch email to for consideration.

Also, are you a freelancer, author, or studio owner, or do you lead a team? We’re keen to hear some insight into life as a creative professional. We’d love to hear from you, from the interesting behind-the-scenes of your latest project to opinions, comments, and analysis. Email