Basit Jamiu

Basit Jamiu

Basit Jamiu is an Editor at Legit.
4 Articles

Empowering Kano’s Future: MTN Business Skills Training Elevates Local Youth

If gratitude could manifest itself, it would surely take the form of Maimunat Umar, a young recipient of the MTN…

Basit Jamiu 3 Min Read

The World of Shady Contractors: Inside Nasarawa Community Where Roads Take Human Legs as Sacrifice

It was going to be the happiest day of her life, a moment she always believed would be defining and…

Basit Jamiu 18 Min Read

The importance of adversity: a conversation with Victor Daniel

If a group of men stand at random on a sidewalk, each concentrating on their individual effort, the odd one…

Basit Jamiu 7 Min Read

This is What Curating Nonfiction in Africa Taught Me About Life

In 2016, I decided to embark on a project with the intent of improving the visibility of creative nonfiction in…

Basit Jamiu 12 Min Read
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