The Year of Free Birds – A collection of stories featuring visually impaired protagonists

The Year of Free Birds

Begin and round up your holidays with a spectacular yet sombre collection of four stories revolving around visually impaired characters. Selected and prepared from a sea of 87 submissions from across the continent, these fresh stories are gripping, tender, human, glorious and completely unique.

From the acclaimed curator of Selves, The Year of Free Birds is another one-of-a-kind addition to the library of African literature that illuminates a previously forgotten perspective and a previously forgotten people.

Join hands with our heroes and anti-heroes as they walk and live and triumph over darkness or succumb to it.

Publisher: The Witsprouts Project

Contributors: Manu Herbstein, Jason Mykl Snyman, Prosper Makara, Ahmed Maiwada & Lizzy Attree

Curator and Editor: Basit Jamiu & Uzoma Ihejirika

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