The Peace of God, and Other Poems by Lukman Nurudeen Adeniyi

So That We Can Breathe

Terrorism, a continued threat to humanity,

Must be combated, must be precluded

We want peace, don’t want violence.

Man horrified of the intrinsic ferocity,

Why killings, hijackings, kidnappings? All dreaded!

Throughout the world, scourge in abundance.

Wary of the archfiend crushing dignity.

The peace must espouse the mankind,

May the peace illuminate the universe.

The Peace of God

Peace! You’re blissful, we want you

In our hearts, on the planet

Truly, you will make humanity free.

Inasmuch as there is peace true,

This wide world encumbered with torment

Positively will always know upbeat glee.

The Peace of God is due

Primal, and excels all conventions, steadfast

It will flourish in us copiously.

Barbarities and Cross-fertilization

Peace and war are not relatable

Evil for war, good for peace

So, forbid evil and wrongful transgression.

Edify people that war is unpalatable

Spread peace, a service to folks,

Prove humanity is a single nation.

Strive to advocate peace, so imperturbable

Peacemakers do ably restrain all barbarities

Ever to uphold peace — their mission.

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