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Let’s Talk About Us


let’s talk about our concerns,
fears and hope.
for a country with wealthy potentials
wait, wait, aren’t we tired of being called “potential”
for a country burdened by economic stagnation,
for a country that has no sense of
national unity.

okay, let’s talk the mass kidnappings,
the attacks by criminal gangs
the lack of jobs,
the widespread of corruption.
let’s still talk about our doubts and diversity
yes! how different we truly are;
the rich and the powerful
the educated and the unemployed…

Now let’s about us
the hopeful, the broken
the creative, the aggressive
the gigantic, the erotic
the hidden voices,
the ones fighting two storms;
fighting prejudice & ignorance
fighting in robust form of tranquility.

yes! lets talk us
about a generation
determined to fight destiny
determined to fight together
determined to die, revive & rise again.

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