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Uzor Arukwe Takes The Lead In Zombie Film  “Alive Till Dawn” Set in Nigeria 

One of Nollywood’s most prominent actors, Uzor Arukwe, is set to captivate audiences in the upcoming zombie film “Alive Till Dawn.” The movie,…

James Melbin 3 Min Read

Who Is Stanley Okorie? According to the Nollywood Soundtrack King Himself

While his name may not be a household one, Stanley Okorie's influence is woven into the very fabric of Nollywood's…

James Melbin 15 Min Read

Veteran Gone: 57 Facts About Saint Obi’s 57-Year Life and Career

As we mourn the loss of a Nollywood veteran, a legendary actor, producer, and director, Saint Obi, who was widely…

Imra Wasabi 8 Min Read

Introducing the Kujus: Sparing the Elephant in the Room and the Breaking of Sibling Bonds

A disintegrated family is what we all pray against. We bind. We 'cast. We tie. We fire. As a matter…

Timileyin Okunlola 7 Min Read

Is Hollywood Ever Going to Stop Viewing Africa Through Neocolonial Lenses?

Westerners have a long and continuous history of deliberately portraying the African continent as poverty-ridden and inferior. When you observe…

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