Tag: Gen Z

Gen-Z, Startups, and the Art of Collaboration in Modern Work Culture

Let’s establish a fact. A fact that we can all see playing out before our very eyes; the current generation…

Mosadoluwa Fasasi 8 Min Read

It’s Giving Spoilt Brat: Are Gen-Z and Millennials Fuelling a Decline in Traditional Moral Values?

A coworker and I recently had a conversation about the moral values of younger generations, Gen Z and Millennials. As…

Favour Alonge 12 Min Read

What Would Gen Z Do? Through the Lens of Kenyan Tiktoker Charlette Wangui Gakuo

Charlette Gakuo, a 21-year-old Kenyan Tiktok content creator, explores the distinctive behaviour of the Gen Z populace in her viral debut,…

Brigid Chemeli 7 Min Read

The Work Culture and the New Breed: What the Old Wineskin Means for the New Wine

Work is an integral cog in the wheel of human civilization. Without it, there would be no societal sustenance. The…

Mosadoluwa Fasasi 7 Min Read
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