Difrodah Mnyika

Difrodah Mnyika

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What Makes Bolu Babalola’s Honey and Spice the Romance Book of all Romance Books?

Literature is meant to be a depiction of society. Either directly, in an “in-your-face” capacity, or more subtly. All in…

Difrodah Mnyika 8 Min Read

Ciku Kimani Mwaniki on the Unconventional Path of Self-Publishing

The adoption of self-publishing is on the rise. The era of independence from institutionalised publishing houses is very much upon…

Difrodah Mnyika 14 Min Read

How to be Sad in an African Home (a 3-Step Guide to Gloom)

There is no way to say this without sounding ungrateful: being happy is overrated. I know this because I have…

Difrodah Mnyika 7 Min Read

Professor Kithaka wa Mberia – African literature from the perspective of a Kenyan literary scholar

Imagine the first taste of cold water at the end of a sweltering hot day. Perfectly satisfying. That is exactly…

Difrodah Mnyika 15 Min Read
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