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The Dance of Tradition: African Dances Celebrating Culture and History

The internet has allowed me to travel virtually across the world, immersing myself in Africa's many communities' rich traditions and…

James Melbin 4 Min Read

Wearing Your Heart on Your Sleeve: An Overview on Using T-shirts as a Tool for Expression

The t-shirt as we know it today first appeared in the late 1800s. It was initially created as an undershirt…

James Melbin 8 Min Read

The Limitless Shades of Fufu: Is This West Africa’s Most Flexible Food?

The culinary world is constantly evolving, and nowhere is this more evident than in African cuisine. At the heart of…

James Melbin 4 Min Read

Crayon’s The One is a Tribute to Davido’s Dami Duro

In 2013, Davido came into limelight with an energetic number that took the Nigerian airwave by storm, Dami Duro. The…

James Melbin 2 Min Read

Afrocritik Takes Position at the Forefront of Africa’s Cultural Renaissance

With a new bi-annual print magazine in the works, the culture platform in set to lead the African media landscape.…

James Melbin 8 Min Read

Bacardi Dance: The Choreographic Seduction of South African Rhythm

If you haven't yet heard of the Bacardi dance, it's time to crawl out from under that rock you've been…

James Melbin 6 Min Read

Yagazie Emezi Brings You Inside Kehinde Wiley’s Lagos Home

Photographer Yagazie Emezi has created beautiful imagery for a new issue of Architectural Digest from presidential portrait artist Kehinde Wiley’s…

James Melbin 2 Min Read

From NYC Subway Stations to the National Stage: Listen to this Musical Family

In 2014, a sibling band was formed in New York City that would come to be known as Infinity Song.…

James Melbin 2 Min Read

“This Society” by Hafsat Abdullahi

Spoken word poet Hafsat Abdullahi gained the well-deserved attention of the world when, last November, she released her film, “To…

James Melbin 1 Min Read

“soso” Omah Lay by Topshotta

With the song reclaiming the top of music charts weeks after it’s release as part of the Boy Alone body…

James Melbin 1 Min Read

8 Times Dulo Harris Made Voice Over Impressions that Made Us LOL

Dulo Folarin Harris (@iamdulo) is a voice over actor whose humourous comic voice over impressions of viral clips, especially of…

James Melbin 2 Min Read

New Issue of Prazzle Magazine Explores Fresh Perspectives of Beauty

For its second issue, themed Beauty Comes in all forms, the US-based art, fashion and culture magazine focuses on the…

James Melbin 2 Min Read
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