Haneefah Abdulrahman

Haneefah Abdulrahman

Haneefah is a writer, interviewer, spoken poetry artiste, and podcaster. She is an Editorial Assistant at The Moveee. Her works have appeared in Nigerian Review, The Witsprouts Project, Arts MuseFair, and elsewhere. She is a 2021 fellow of Ebedi International Writers Residency and a Columnist at DailyTrust Newspaper. She is the author of Shades of Becoming.
20 Articles

Abubakar Adam Ibrahim speaks about his creative motivation as a multi-award-winning author

Abubakar Adam Ibrahim writes a weekly column entitled 'Line of Sight' for DailyTrust Newspaper. His books are Award Winning. In…

Haneefah Abdulrahman 18 Min Read

Meet Yusuf Ambursa, the poet building a community of emerging young creatives in Northern Nigeria

We spoke with Yusuf Ambursa, the founder of Caliphate Arts and Literary Hub, one of Northern Nigeria's managed communities dedicated…

Haneefah Abdulrahman 11 Min Read

How a storyteller seeks achievement in writing: a conversation with Aliyu Jalal

Aliyu Jalal is a storyteller, poet, journalist and copy editor. He also writes critical essays on various topics with a…

Haneefah Abdulrahman 15 Min Read

“Writing kept me from insanity.” Haruna Adinoyi on the challenges of writing wrongs

You know, the saying about writers being righters is indeed true. Haruna Adinoyi Yusuf is a living example. He is…

Haneefah Abdulrahman 10 Min Read

How Naseeba Babale juggles a full-time medical career with a solid poetry portfolio

Naseeba Babale is a poet, literary administrator, and medical laboratory scientist with the Department of Chemical Pathology and Immunology at…

Haneefah Abdulrahman 23 Min Read

Haruna Adinoyi reads baritone voice and other poems on The Poetry Experience Podcast

Haruna Adinoyi Yusuf is a prolific writer who writes a lot about anything and everything, ranging from poetry to fiction…

Martins Deep reads Tell Grief on The Poetry Experience Podcast

Martins Deep is a poet and photographer/artist. His works have appeared, or are forthcoming, in Lolwe, FIYAH, Rough Cut Press,…

Martins Deep finds purpose in confessional poetry and visual arts

While the majority of boys his age were mindlessly flying paper kites and choosing ‘sets’ for their street football team,…

Haneefah Abdulrahman 11 Min Read
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