Vivid Colours of Culture Unfold in Sarkin Foto’s Calabar Festival Photos

Sarkin Foto is a Nigerian documentary photographer who is passionate about capturing and preserving the diverse cultures and traditions of his country. He uses NFTs to immortalize his photographs on the blockchain and share them with the world. He recently shared an extensive gallery of photos taken at a recent edition of the Calabar Festival.

The Calabar Festival is a spectacular celebration of culture, music, art, and entertainment that takes place every December in the city of Calabar, the capital of Cross River State in Nigeria. It is also known as “Africa’s Biggest Street Party” or the “Pride of Nigeria” because it attracts millions of visitors from all over the world who come to witness the colorful and vibrant festivities. The festival was started in 2004 by the former governor of Cross River State, Mr. Donald Duke, as a way to promote tourism and improve the local economy.

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