“soso” Omah Lay by Topshotta

With the song reclaiming the top of music charts weeks after it’s release as part of the Boy Alone body of work, it’s time to revisit the Topshotta directed music video.

soso is a spiritual tune, and the visual, painted in colours, imagery, moving bodies and silhouettes, is nothing short of that. This song is one of Omah Lay’s most acclaimed project till date and one could tell that a lot of the song writer’s energy went into this one.

Executive Producers : Brandon Hixon, Tirinda Hixon

Director: Topshotta

Producer: J Anders Urmacher

Producer: Chris Balestra

Director of Photography: Maximillian Papadopoulos

AC: Adam Weinberg Steadicam: Michael Desiderio

Hair: Abiodun Adegawa

Props: Keely Snook

Make up/ Paint: Shu Zhang

Choreography: Izzy Odigie

Dancers: Valériane Louisy, Caroline Dartey, Ashley Mayeux

Catering: Grazed by Faye (Janay McNeill)

LED Art: Veli & Amos

Grade: Nic Apostoli

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