Fireboy DML’S ‘Playboy’ is a play guide to GEN Z lifestyle

Fireboy DML is undoubtedly one of Nigeria’s favourite Gen Z artists. Fireboy has been making waves since 2019 and blessing us with tracks that get our grooves. He has three albums to his name; ‘Laughter, Tears and Goosebumps’, ‘Apollo’ and ‘Playboy’, the newest one on everyone’s playlist.

Playboy was released on various streaming platforms on the 5th of August, 2022, and it consists of 14 tracks bearing evidence of his talent. The album firmly made its way into our music library as the one we never knew we needed. songs relating to either our romantic, casual, or platonic relationship goals, with tracks like ‘Sofri’,’ Havin’ Fun’, ‘Diana’, and ‘Adore’. This album does not leave our personal feelings out to dry, and we find ourselves agreeing with Fireboy’s lyrics in tracks like ‘Change’, ‘Timoti’, and ‘Compromise’.

Gen Z-ers would never admit we need people to look up to, but we seem to draw inspiration from everything, and this is why Fireboy’s latest album is our current inspiration. As a result, ‘Playboy’ serves as a play guide to Gen Z’s lifestyle.

The first track on the ‘Playboy’ album is ‘Change’, which talks about growing pains and how we deal with them as new and emerging adults. We face new challenges and find deeper meanings in both new and old things in our lives. While trying to get accustomed to the newfound responsibility and way of life, we are constantly bombarded with the question, “Are you ready for the change?” Fireboy’s Change tells us to find peace and enjoy life as it goes because change is constant, and it happens whether we are ready for it or not.

The second track on Fireboy’s ‘Playboy’ album is the Asake-graced ‘Bandana’, which was released as a single off the album to critical acclaim. It talks about how Gen Zs want it to be when the bag and success finally roll in on them. We don’t want our enemies and stalkers to see us coming before we finally take them out with a bang! Of course, they’ll suspect it, but they’ll be blown away when it finally comes through. With Asake’s beautiful vocals accompanying Fireboy’s always captivating sound, this song quickly became one of everyone’s favourite tracks.

Once you get past the controversial title of the third track, ‘Ashawo’, you’ll realise that it is Gen Z’s version of “Do me I do you, man no go vex.” Blaming his misdoings on alcohol- ‘shayo’ in this context- Fireboy proposes a free pass on a similar betrayal or quarrel between two or more consenting people. And to be fair, who wouldn’t want a free pass to get away with the wildest things you can imagine?

Despite not being the first track on the titular album, ‘Playboy’- the track- was our interlude into Fireboy’s third album. Fireboy praises and encourages himself as he simultaneously appreciates a woman’s body. Whatever his actual goal might have been in the lyrics of ‘Playboy’, we are just happy to have a jam to groove to. Whether we are playboys/girls, we all know we want to praise ourselves with as much energy and vigour as Fireboy did.

The next track is ‘Adore’ featuring Dominican-American rapper Euro. Who doesn’t value adoration? This romantic track from Fireboy’s album is not only channelled for those with baes and the love of their lives. For single, happy people like myself, I find ‘Adore’ to be a love confession to my number one gees and day-ones. Who needs a boo when you’ve got a friend who adores you, like the lyrics in this song?

‘Sofri’ is my favourite song on the Playboy’ album, and it comes right after ‘Adore’. ‘Sofri’ is being pampered and loved. Is it from being told to shake your body? Or the assurance that you can put all of yourself in an emotional and non-literal context. Or being pampered in the twenty-first-century ‘Spend my money.” love language? Sofri brings out our inner romantic yearnings, which is why we love it!

After ‘Sofri’ is ‘Diana’ featuring Chris Brown and Shensea.There is no doubt that this track is a love song. Although we are aware we are not the Ghanaian girl Fireboy is showering his love confession, we wish to do the same for someone we have genuine feelings for or, at the very least, be at the receiving end of such romantic and sexual gestures.

‘Compromise’ is an inevitable element in human interactions. Fireboy explores this alongside Rema in the eight-track of ‘Playboy’. As we are vibing, it reminds us that for any sort of relationship to work, there must be compromises from all the parties involved.The next track,’Timoti’ is a self-eulogy in Fireboy’s third album, and it entails all the arrays of vibes and moods a Gen Z wants to feel all day, all night.

When listening to ‘Peru’, It doesn’t matter if our San Francisco is in the security of the well-loved four walls of our bedroom or if our ‘Miami’ is school or work. All we care about is jamming the tenth track in ‘San Francisco’ after flying in from ‘Miami’. 

‘Afro Highlife’ is surely dedicated to Gen Z-ers who identify as the life of the party. As they vibe along to the eleventh track, we hope they continue to help us keep the bass of the party as ‘dem they killi show’ and ensure that the other partygoers dance simply because it is Afro Highlife.

HAVIN’FUN’ is the track following ‘Afro Highlife’. It talks about seizing and enjoying every moment life offers because people accompany us on the walk of life, whether they are beautiful strangers or friends. They will be encapsulated in our memories for a long time.

Fireboy features Ed Sheeran in ‘Peru’s Remix’, the thirteenth track on the album. Accompanied by Ed Sheeran vocals, Peru’s remix takes a turn from ‘Miami’ to ‘West London’. Ed Sheeran puts a romantic feel in the Peru track, and it is clear that ‘West London’ is way different from our home feel of ‘San Francisco’. And if we want to experience romance, we must go out even if we can’t afford the plane ticket to ‘L.A’.

‘Glory’ explores our spiritual stance. Gen Zs are referred to as the carefree and nonchalant generation. Still, we prioritise appreciating the good Lord and giving ‘Glory’ to God for being our pillar when nobody else was there. ‘Glory’ is heavenly and it gives us an ethereal feel as the last track on ‘Playboy’.

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