Ghana Is in Talks to Get Looted Asante Gold Artefacts From the Victoria & Albert Museum

The Victoria and Albert Museum in London is negotiating the possible return of an Asante gold artefact collection seized during a British military raid on the Ghanaian capital of Kumasi in 1874.

Tristram Hunt, the director of the British Museum, visited Ghana early this year and learned of the probable return. Hunt spoke with officials from Ghana’s tourism, arts, and cultural ministries, as well as the current Asante ruler, Osei Tutu II. The artefacts were taken from a royal court in Kumasi before being added to the museum’s collection in the late 1800s.

Gold pectoral “soul” disc in the V&A’s collection (© V&A London)
Gold “soul” disc inserted into a decorated surround by Marquis of Exeter (© The Trustees of the British Museum)
Gold trophy head in the Wallace Collection (© The Wallace Collection)
Ceremonial brass bowl in the National Army Museum (© National Army Museum)
The Asante ruler, King Osei Tutu II, met with Tristram Hunt, the director of the V&A, earlier this year in Ghana, where they reviewed the artefacts seized from his ancestors and housed at the museum. (Chris Jackson/Getty Images)
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