kó Artspace Announces a New Jerry Buhari Exhibition

The new exhibition was announced via the gallery’s Instagram account. The exhibition themed “Landscape of the Souls” intends to be a retrospective exhibition of works by the award- winning artist, curator and Fine Art professor.

The show opens September 20 and runs through to October 11, 2022. It features works from Jerry Buhari’s artistic career that span more than two decades and is organized loosely chronologically from 1993 to the present. Jerry Buhari keeps exploring how people interact to the land and discusses the effects of this relationship on the environment by drawing on his own experiences as well as social and political challenges in society.

“Over the years,” reads the announcement “we have been through a series of events and experiences that calls for self-reflection and a re-evaluation of our political structures and societal norms as a nation. More so, the momentous times that we are in require an all-pervasive understanding of how we have contributed to the issues that we face.”

“Landscapes of the Soul” is an invitation to such a heart-to-heart dialogue. The presented body of works in this exhibition was created for such a time like this.

Notable works from Jerry Buhari below:

Bondage & Freedom (2011)
I Wound You (2016)

Wisemen from the East (2016)

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