Bobby Okposin Observes the State of Nigeria in New Poem

Herein, Bobby discusses his new poem Let’s Talk About Us.

What’s the creative process behind this poem like? How did you start it (where were you and at what period) and how long did it take to write?

Quite frankly, the creative process of this poem is mentally draining. Reasons because the poem discusses underdevelopment in a fragile & fluctuating state.

The poem is purely original as it tries to capture our sociocultural life, our reality as well as close observation of Nigeria’s situation and significant circumstances that may or may not lead to lack of individual motivation and also stagnation in an unhealthy place.

I wrote this poem the morning I had to present it so lets say it took about 5-6 hours of full focus & concentration

This poem speaks to the decadence in the country. Could you reflect on the weight of a poet’s ink in cultural revolution? I’m what ways can voices like your facilitate the change the world needs.

I think generally speaking poet/poetry right from the 1st century have always advocated cultural revolution in one way or the other.

Whether that’s through stories of love & hate, greed & beauty, life & death even politics & power. As poet / writer our duty is to keep a close eye in the past then continue to tell our stories in the present

When did you begin to write poetry and how did you discover it?

My first ever poem was when I was 14years old. In high school I quickly became that guy you’d pay to write a love poem for your crush. Yes, that was me

What is your ultimate goal as a poet and writer?

My ultimate goal as a poet is to evolve as a person and my goal as a writer is to provide value

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