Yahuza Abdulkadir reads Dead Men on The Poetry Experience


In this episode of The Poetry Experience, Yahuza Abdulkadir reads “Dead Men“, published in Konya Shams Rumi, and “Our Nightmares“, published in Terror House Magazine. Yahuza Abdulkadir is a Nigerian writer and poet. He is a member of Hill-top Creative Arts Foundation and Unimaid Artists Club. His works are published in Poemify Publishers Inc, Spillwords, Terror House Magazine, Teen Lit Journal, OneBlackBoyLikeThatReview, Opinion Nigeria, The Daily Reality, Melbourne Corner Culture and elsewhere. When he is not writing he engages in social and humanitarian activities in his community.

Curator/Host: Haneefah Abdulrahman

Guest: Yahuza Abdulkadir

Poems: “Dead Men”, in Konya Shams Rumi; “Our Nightmares”, in Terror House Magazine

Producer: Tope Akintayo

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