Self portrait, female gazes from Dazed 2022 Spring Issue

In 1972, there was an argument led by John Berger that women were portrayed as objects of consumption in western art. A book and series by the aforementioned, titled Ways of Seeing, explores ways in which a woman might internalize society’s gaze, making her life a spectator of her own self. Namibian photographer, Kyle Weeks, drew inspiration from this thesis, dressed women up in pornographic magazine covers while the models are captured staring into fractured reflections of themselves. However, the London-based label Self-Portrait, saw it fitting to have a cloak version of what Kyle did. As featured in the spring issue of Dazed magazine, the new photography series intends to pass on a message of self-awareness, self-sufficiency, self-determination, self-indulgence, self-expressiveness, and self-searching. Photos from the shoot are below and you can see the full series here.

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