Is Young, Famous, and African worth the hype?

Asides from the ravings about Top Boy’s season 4, Netflix came in hot riding with a new series titled Young, Famous, and African. It was released on the 18th of March 2022 and since its debut as the first African reality television series, it has garnered quite the response from the world, especially the African masses. The reality show spans the lives of celebrities from 4 African countries including Nigeria, Tanzania, South Africa, and Uganda. It highlights their lives and how they deal with building their careers while looking for love and rekindling old flames. The plot is intriguing: from 2baba and Annie’s marital floss and flutter to Naked Dj’s dating life dealing with challenges of a 12-year gap, so many more issues. We won’t be giving you too many spoilers, you can stream it live from Netflix. We promise though, it’s worth the hype and it gives you a new light into the lives of these people that we look up to. If you want more insight before you’re fully convinced, you can check it out here too.

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