Grinding for Change: Ash Phillips and Miro LaFlaga of Six Cinquième Appear in Creative Boom

If you’ve ever chanted the words “Go big and don’t go home,” then subconsciously, you’re one for what’s known as the “grind” or “hustle” culture. It’s a metric system of success that believes in longer and longer work hours as a yardstick for success. According to an NYT article, it is “performative workaholism obsessed with striving.” It’s the new norm, all work and no play.

However, Ash Phillips and Miro LaFlaga are pushing against it. Through their company, Six Cinquième, they are opting to do things differently and on a less demanding scale. Their 4-year-old company specializes in brand identity for entrepreneurs, startups, and emerging artists, driving change within these sectors. Miro called it a launchpad for “trailblazers who are ready to make their mark.”

When they’re not busy with company work, they’re hosting workshops, teaching, encouraging, and building a local community of people that will ditch the grind culture and look for new ways to get work done. Read all they had to say about the grind culture and change here.

In Flux: Black Poetry Films
In Flux: Black Poetry Films
Miro LaFlaga and Ash Phillips of Six Cinquieme. Photography by Ben Meir
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