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The Hub For Social Impact, a registered non-profit organization with a youthful leadership, is tackling societal issues through innovative solutions. In just two years, the organization has successfully raised funds to provide assistance to over 50 children with chronic illnesses. The Art & Music Festival For Sick Children, a hallmark of the organization, has brought joy to pediatric wards and brightened the hospital experience for sick children. The ultimate goal of The Hub For Social Impact is to secure medical insurance for all Nigerians and they are currently working towards this by establishing the Cancer Aid Fund, a trust dedicated to supporting individuals facing a cancer diagnosis.

This 25-Year-Old Artist is Using Art To Build A Cancer Aid Fund For Nigerians

Every year, more than 10 million people fall victim to cancer, with a staggering 70% of these deaths occurring in…

Tope Akintayo 9 Min Read
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