Are you a passionate and talented writer and journalist? We are on a mission to cover the juiciest and most captivating aspects of Africa’s cultural and creative renaissance, and we want you to be a vital part of it by joining Mov-able, the culture writing network.

Mov-able is a groundbreaking initiative by Moveee Magazine.

By joining Mov-able, you will have the chance to flex your writing muscle, get published, cover pressing issues, and engage in compelling interviews with the people who matter most to you. Whether you’re interested in news, reviews, interviews, or sharing your unique viewpoints, Mov-able has a place for you.

Connect with Cultural Movers

Through your projects, you’ll have the incredible opportunity to network and build connections with influential figures in Africa’s creative landscape. Imagine engaging in meaningful conversations with visionaries, artists, and game-changers who are shaping the continent’s cultural narrative.

Document History in the Making

Africa’s cultural renaissance is a transformative period, and you can be at the forefront of documenting its progression. By joining Moveeeable, you will be part of a movement that captures and preserves the rich tapestry of Africa’s creative expressions for future generations.

No Commitments, Complete Flexibility

Although we invite accepted individuals to join the program for the entire 6-month duration, we understand the importance of flexibility, especially for students or individuals with other commitments. Moveeeable allows you to participate on your own terms. There are no long-term commitments, and you have the freedom to leave the program whenever you need to. This way, you can balance your academic or professional pursuits with your passion for writing.

How It Works

Please note that Mov-able is not a paid opportunity. However, it offers valuable non-monetary benefits that can significantly impact your writing career. Now, let’s talk about how the program works:

Respond to prompts

We will provide you with regular prompts related to Africa's cultural scene. These prompts will serve as inspiration for your articles and will guide your exploration of the most fascinating stories.

Write your dream story

Outside of the prompts, we also invite you to unleash your creativity and write your dream story that showcases your unique perspective and writing style. Pay attention to your environment, who and what needs to be written about? We encourage you to push boundaries and delve into the depths of Africa's cultural and creative landscape to captivate our readers.

Publish one or more stories per month

With Moveeeable, you'll have the opportunity to publish one or more captivating stories per month, ensuring a steady stream of your work reaching our dedicated readership.

What you can write?

Profiles & Interviews

We are accepting profile and interview pieces about the most notable people leading the cultural evolution and revolution in Africa. From movies to music, literature and visual art, we are happy to publish well-written profiles in diverse forms including: question and answer, interview articles, personal/guided narrations, and so on. You can check out some of the profiles we’ve published in the past few months here and here.

Culture News

We publish the latest news and updates from across Africa’s cultural landscape. From new art exhibitions to watch out for, trending music videos, upcoming film launches, and cultural events and opportunities. We accept reports about the latest happenings in the various fields of the creative and cultural industries. Check out some of our latest news coverage here.


Are you constantly consuming creative outputs from Africa and beyond? Write about the projects you love and send them to us: books, movies, music, . We publish different forms of reviews from critical analysis to personal essays and curated lists. Check out our reviews and curated lists sections to see some of the latest reviews we’ve published from our network of writers.

Viewpoints & Personal Essays

We publish cultural commentaries and viewpoints on subjects including the evolution of community, social media, culture, identity, and every aspect of life as it relates to the contemporary African experience. You can check out some of our previously published cultural commentary and viewpoint entries here.

Join the Culture Writer's Network Program

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So, are you ready to unleash your writing potential and make a meaningful impact? This is your chance to contribute to the cultural conversation, amplify diverse voices, and inspire others through the power of the written word. Join Moveeeable today and become an integral part of Africa’s cultural storytelling movement.