Growth in Dark Times

Change is constant, so they say. I’ve been taught to expect change and to evolve as a person, but there are some changes in my

The Price

“I will kill you today!” He yelled after administering another slap on my face and moved to lock the door. I wondered what must have

The Smile

For the first time since I was folded in my sleep, I noticed dawn smelled of burning wood. Flipping myself like a turtle’s shell on

The Eraser

I talk to myself a lot. My parents find it strange when they walk in on me, but we always end up having a good

Love Came to Me Soft and Stuffed

Life was a big circus to me. Everything was still beginning. You know that phase in your life when you had not a teeny-weeny care

In the Beginning Was Darkness

Click! That’s the last sound I hear before the world goes dark. I’m crouched beside my fallen mother. My father towers above us like bent

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