Bobrisky Clinches Best Dressed Female Award at Ajakuku Movie Premiere

Bobrisky Clinches Best Dressed Female Award at Ajakuku Movie Premiere

Nigerian social media personality, Bobrisky, has once again captured the spotlight. At the recent star-studded premiere of the movie “Ajakaju,” Bobrisky was awarded the title of Best Dressed Female, a decision that has sparked conversations and controversy alike.

The event, which took place in Lagos, saw a gathering of Nollywood’s finest, but it was Bobrisky who stole the show. Adorned in a stunning black sequined gown, voluminous curls cascading down her shoulders, and bold black lipstick to complete the look, Bobrisky’s ensemble was nothing short of breathtaking. Her presence on the red carpet was a statement of bold fashion choices and unapologetic self-expression.

The award, accompanied by a one million naira cheque, was presented amidst mixed reactions from attendees and netizens. While some celebrated the recognition of Bobrisky’s fashion sense, others questioned the implications of awarding a crossdresser in a category traditionally reserved for women. Actress Dayo Amusan expressed her discontent on social media, suggesting that a separate category should be created to honor crossdressers without overshadowing the efforts of other women at the event.

Bobrisky, whose birth name is Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju, has been a polarizing figure in Nigeria, a country where transgender identity and LGBTQ+ rights face legal and societal challenges. Yet, her win at the movie premiere is a testament to her growing influence and the complex dialogue surrounding gender and fashion in contemporary society.

As the dust settles on this glamorous evening, one thing remains clear: Bobrisky’s win has ignited a conversation that extends far beyond the red carpet, challenging norms and sparking debate on inclusivity and recognition in the world of fashion and entertainment.

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