In ‘Sounds of Nollywood,’ IN Nollywood and WeTalkSound Spotlight Unsung Heroes of Nigerian Cinema

In ‘Sounds of Nollywood,’ IN Nollywood and WeTalkSound Spotlight Unsung Heroes of Nigerian Cinema

Sounds of Nollywood is a captivating five-part documentary series that sheds light on the artistry of five prominent professionals shaping the world of sound design and music composition in Nollywood. This exploration delves into the realm of soundscapes, highlighting the pivotal role of film scorers and composers—a technical aspect often undervalued in filmmaking.

While sounds have always been integral to Nollywood films, they were historically treated as an afterthought during post-production. However, with the rise of New Nollywood and the need to meet global standards, producers and directors now recognize the significance of sound and music. They seek out experts who can curate work that meets aesthetic expectations. The collaboration between WeTalkSound and IN Nollywood—Sounds of Nollywood—aims to amplify the voices and achievements of film composers who are reshaping Nollywood today.

Beyond exploring the intersection of music and film, this documentary sparks a broader conversation about the synergy between Nollywood and Afrobeats—two sister industries that complement each other. Sounds of Nollywood features five Nigerian film composers:

  1. Ava Momoh: Responsible for soundtracks in films like Collision CourseOver The Bridge, and Cake, as well as Africa Magic shows Enakhe and Jemeji.
  2. Anu Afolayan: Known for his work on films such as OmugwoRoti, and The Tribunal. He emphasizes the composer’s role in shaping emotions within a movie.
  3. Kulanen Ikyo: Contributed to October 1 and recorded the live orchestra for The CEO. His work spans projects like Blood SistersLionheart, and Okafor’s Law.
  4. Tolu Obanro: Involved in films like King of BoysHey, You, and Unintentional.
  5. Clement “DJ Klem” Kponu: Scored Couple of Days and worked on projects like Fishbone and Ajuwaya.

These composers emphasize the importance of sound and music in storytelling. For instance, DJ Klem highlights the challenge of tight timelines, recalling how he completed the entire score for Editi’s Fishbone in just five days.

Sounds of Nollywood celebrates creativity, passion, and innovation. Through intimate interviews and behind-the-scenes footage, viewers gain insight into the vital role sound design plays in shaping the emotional impact of films. Co-founder Anita Eboigbe hopes that by showcasing talented sound designers and composers, the series will foster greater appreciation for sound’s transformative power in cinema.

The documentary targets fans, stakeholders, investors, corporate bodies, and government agencies committed to Nollywood’s growth. It sheds light on how soundtracks and effects contribute to the success of Nollywood productions.

Documentary credits go to writers Anita Eboigbe and Daniel Okechukwu, and producers Tochukwu Uchefunah and Anita Eboigbe. Directed by Feranmi Abiola and edited by Michael Etinosa, the series is available on WeTalkSound’s YouTube Channel.

Sounds of Nollywood will be screened live on March 23, 2024, at the British Council in Ikoyi, Lagos. Register here to attend.

Watch the trailer below:

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