Anakle Films Partners with 3Point0 Labs to Propel African Storytelling to New Heights

Anakle Films Partners with 3Point0 Labs to Propel African Storytelling to New Heights

Nigerian production company Anakle Films has officially joined forces with 3Point0 Labs, the dynamic talent management house led by Marquel Martin and Andrew Cutrow. The partnership marks a significant milestone in Anakle’s mission to elevate African storytelling, following the success of their Netflix action thriller, “The Black Book.”

Anakle Films, led by CEO Editi Effiong and co-founder Mimi Bartels, garnered international acclaim with their 2023 release, “The Black Book,” co-written and directed by Effiong. The film, a revenge saga revolving around a bereaved preacher, not only captivated audiences globally but also secured a spot among Netflix’s most-watched films in 69 countries, establishing itself as Nigeria’s first major Netflix hit.

The collaboration with 3Point0 Labs, under the leadership of Marquel Martin, former CAA agent, and Andrew Cutrow, former CAA agent and Chief Business Officer, heralds a new era for both entities. For Anakle, it signifies a strategic move to expand their global footprint, while 3Point0 Labs introduces a talent and literary advisory division through the partnership.

Andrew Cutrow, now Manager and Chief Business Officer of 3Point0 Labs, will spearhead the newly formed entertainment unit, 3Point0 Labs Talent & Literary Management. Working alongside Randy Faehnrich, Producer and Head of Content, the division aims to provide comprehensive talent management, film and TV production, and business advisory services in collaboration with third-party agencies and management firms.

“We’re excited to challenge that watermark on the film and TV side of our business with comprehensive management and branding services for our clients,” stated Cutrow, acknowledging Marquel Martin’s success in elevating Francis Ngannou’s career across various domains.

Anakle Films, initially a digital marketing company, transitioned into film production with the launch of Anakle Films in 2018. The production company made its mark with the romantic drama “Up North” and has since become a significant player in Nollywood. With offices in Lagos and Toronto, Anakle is committed to building infrastructure for wider distribution in West Africa.

In expressing their enthusiasm for the partnership with 3Point0 Labs, Effiong and Bartels emphasized their commitment to advancing African stories and storytellers. They see “The Black Book” as a powerful prologue, with limitless possibilities ahead as they embark on the next chapter with 3Point0 Labs.

CEO of 3Point0 Labs, Marquel Martin, echoed this sentiment, expressing the management firm’s dedication to supporting passionate and innovative talents. “We aim to work with talents across verticals who are compelled to reach incredible heights,” Martin affirmed, underlining the shared vision for a dynamic and impactful collaboration between Anakle Films and 3Point0 Labs. As both entities prepare to shape the future of African storytelling, the excitement for what lies ahead resonates across the industry.

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