Linen Moves: Gap’s Spring Campaign Celebrates Originality with Tyla

Linen Moves: Gap’s Spring Campaign Celebrates Originality with Tyla

Gap, the iconic American fashion brand, has launched its Spring 2024 campaign featuring linen as a canvas for original style. The campaign, titled “Linen Moves”, showcases the brand’s latest collection of linen apparel, such as loose-leg pants, long-sleeved button-ups, and dresses, in a series of dynamic and expressive ads.

The campaign stars Grammy Award-winning artist Tyla, the 22-year-old sensation from South Africa who rose to fame with her hit single “Water”. Tyla joins a group of dancers who perform original choreography by Shay Latukolan, inspired by the viral music video for Jungle’s “Back On 74”. The song, which became a TikTok sensation last year, is also the soundtrack for the campaign, re-imagined by Tyla with her own vocals and style.

The campaign is directed by Jungle’s J Lloyd and Charlie Di Placido, who also directed the original music video for “Back On 74”. The video, which features a single-take dance routine in a warehouse, has over 20 million views on YouTube and has sparked a global dance craze on TikTok, with over a billion views. Jungle, the British band known for their genre-blending mix of disco, hip-hop, funk, and soul, is nominated for a BRIT Award for Best Group this year.

Gap’s Spring campaign pays homage to the brand’s musical roots, as well as its commitment to championing originality and individuality through fashion, music, and dance. Mark Breitbard, Gap’s president and CEO, said in a press release: “Working with talent who embody the spirit of originality is not just a choice, but a commitment to our brand’s heritage. This campaign pays homage to Gap’s iconic musical ads of the past while embracing the diverse voices and talents that shape our present and future.”

The campaign will be featured across digital, out-of-home, video, and social media platforms, as well as in-store playlists curated by Jungle and Tyla, which will also be available on Spotify. Gap’s Linen Collection is now available online and in stores, offering versatile, comfortable, and machine-washable pieces that invite wearers to make each piece their own. Gap invites customers to share their own linen moves on social media using the hashtag #LinenMoves.

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