Owobo Ogunde Who Plays Bashorun in Anikulapo Series is Hubert Ogunde’s Last Son

Owobo Ogunde Who Plays Bashorun in Anikulapo Series is Hubert Ogunde’s Last Son

Owobo Ogunde, the actor who plays the villainous Baṣorun in the Netflix epic fantasy series Anikulapo, has revealed that he is the last son of the late theatre legend Hubert Ogunde. In an interview with BBC, Owobo said that he inherited his passion for acting from his father, who was regarded as the father of Nigerian theatre and contemporary Yoruba theatre.

Owobo recalled that in the 1970s, he played the role of Oriadekigbe, a young prince who falls in love with a slave girl, in his father’s play Aropin N’Tenia, which was staged at the Glover Hall in Lagos. The play, which was later adapted into a film in 1982, was a historical drama that depicted the political and social upheavals in the Oyo Empire in the 19th century.

Owobo said that he learned a lot from his father, who taught him the art of storytelling, the importance of culture, and the value of hard work. He also said that he was proud to continue his father’s legacy by being part of Aníkúlápó, a film that showcases the rich and diverse Yoruba culture and mythology.

Anikulapo, which is produced by Kunle Afolayan and distributed by Netflix, tells the story of Saro, a weaver who gains the power to resurrect the dead after an affair with a queen. Owobo plays Baṣorun, one of the king’s chiefs who becomes Saro’s nemesis. Owobo said that he enjoyed playing the role of Baṣorun, who he described as a complex and ambitious character. He said that he had to do a lot of research and preparation to portray Baṣorun convincingly.

Owobo also praised his co-stars, especially Kunle Remi, who plays Saro, and Bimbo Ademoye, who plays Queen Arolake. He said that they had a great chemistry and rapport on and off the screen. He also commended Afolayan for his vision and direction, and for creating a film that celebrates the Yoruba heritage.

Owobo said that he hopes that Aníkúlápó will inspire and entertain the viewers, and also educate them about the history and culture of the Yoruba people. He said that he is grateful for the opportunity to be part of such a groundbreaking and innovative film, and that he looks forward to more projects that will showcase the beauty and diversity of Nigeria.

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