Kemi Adetiba Begins Pre-production For “King of Boys 3”

Nigerian filmmaker, Kemi Adetiba, has greenlighted the pre-production for political thriller series, King of Boys 3: The Beginning of the End. According to the filmmaker, the returning series will reprise some old characters and introduce new ones.

King of Boys 3: The Beginning of the End is the third installment in the franchise, a sequel to King of Boys: The Return of the King which was released in 2021. Concerning expectations for the latest series, Adetiba hinted that KOB 3 is beyond any common expectations.

“The new KOB submission is ELEVATED in every way you could imagine… And I’m honored to be able to come back to tell this story,” the filmmaker expressed her delight. 

KOB is premised on Alhaja Eniola Salami (Sola Sobowale) and her quest for political power against all odds. The first installment, King of Boys, introduces the character of Eniola and exposes core details about her past, present, primary motivations and setbacks. The second installment, a five-part series titled King of Boys: The Return of the King, sees the female protagonist return from a five-year exile to aspire for the gubernatorial seat.

Details on production and casting in the forthcoming installment are yet to be released. 


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