Group of 13 Ghanaians Travelled for 16 Days by Road from Accra to London

A group of 13 Ghanaians have successfully completed an epic journey from Ghana to the UK on a road expedition. The journey spanned over 10,000 kilometers and took them through numerous African countries and European destinations, culminating in a journey from one continent to another. The travellers, known as Wanderlust Ghana, are a diverse group of philanthropists and tourism enthusiasts. The team initially consisted of 13 members, including individuals such as Richard Anim, Kwadwo Saka, Kwame Peprah, Kofi Peprah, and others. One member dropped out due to work commitments in Senegal, and two others left the expedition in Morocco.

The team’s route began in Accra, the capital of Ghana, weaving through various Ghanaian cities including Aburi, Nsawam, Kumasi, and Sunyani before crossing into neighbouring Cote d’Ivoire. From there, they ventured through Mali, Senegal, Mauritania and Morocco before entering Europe through Spain via a Mediterranean ferry.

Their journey showcased the diverse terrains and climates of Africa and Europe. The expedition involved an array of vehicles including a Mercedez Benz G-Wagon, a Toyota Landcruisers (V8), Lexus RX 350 and a Ford F150 Raptor. The team covered an average of 800 to 900 kilometers per day consuming around 250 liters of fuel daily..

The progress of their journey was documented through videos shared on social media revealing the challenges faced including brake pad changes and interactions with local authorities. A unique addition to the team was Nana Afua Serwaa nicknamed “Shecanic,” an auto repair technician aiming to master automobile mechanics across various landscapes and climates.

The journey not only showcased the team’s adventurous spirit but also aimed to raise funds for rural primary schools in Ghana. The adventurers were inspired by stories of people travelling from Europe to African nations by road and decided to reverse the journey with the goal of generating media attention and support for their philanthropic cause.

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