Bill Kinaro’s Benny and Griffin is a Testament that Age is Just a Number

“Fire in the hole,” we both said almost at the same time when the Ambers came within range. We opened fire, we did not want to miss anyone or anything. Some of the Amber’s tanks went over and mines positioned strategically in the ground. Boom! The sound of explosions and destruction rendered the air as the tanks went up in flames. We ran out of bullets; I got off the trucks and took a jerrycan of gasoline from the jeep’s trunk, poured it all over the truck spilling it all over my trail as I walked back to a barrack to take over. “Move in! “Move in!” ordered the Amber commander.

It was as if it was the signal I was waiting for. I took the lit cigar and laced it on the gasoline, and it lit up. The fire followed the gasoline trail and blew up the jeep killing all the Ambers who had moved in too close. It was the perfect diversion to buy some time. I got up and ran to look for Griffin. “Griffin? Griffin? Over. I radioed. No response. “Griffin? Griffin?” I asked again in fear.

With more than twenty-five characters populating its pages, all of them so real, authentic, and subtly crafted. You will embark on a journey through East Africa, a region holding its breath over land and boundaries, where death has never been busier and will be busier still through the eyes of the protagonists Benny and Griffin. The story is a work of fiction in military action and interpersonal drama subgenres. This gripping novel is based in East Africa, The Republic of Russel where two brothers Benny and Griffin who followed their father’s footsteps to the military, now face a race against time as they try to keep peace when catastrophe strikes. Will they survive?

A coy thrill of brotherhood who together threaded dangerous paths towards survival. A suitably crafted writing that burns with intensity. From the cold winds and the wet leaves in the rainforest to the bloody battlefields that will come alive in your eyes. A profound struggle between loyalty, boundaries and desertion. This gripping work of literature captures harsh realities of war and the pain of brotherhood caught in its inexorable sweep.

Bill’s masterful storytelling brought the harrowing events of the 1859 military coup incident to life, making the reader feel the tension and urgency of the situation. The novel masterfully blended historical events with compelling fictional elements, allowing you to immerse yourself in the gripping plot and experience an intense and suspenseful ride.

The author’s description of both Lieutenant Benny and Griffin and their team of specialists showcased their bravery, determination, and expertise in handling such a perilous situation. The dual timelines added depth to the narrative, making it thought-provoking and emotionally charged, yet it was still accessible and easy to follow.

Bill Kinaro was juggling classes, exams and all manner of extracurricular activities when he conceived this masterpiece debut novel. A classic, life changing meditation on war, memory, imagination and the redemptive power of storytelling with more than five hundred copies in print.

He displays an incredible mastery of words, heart wrenching suspense and eye moistening drama. He turned his hobby into an early profession granting him the title of a published author at the age of nineteen. Rarely it happens that when you read a book it becomes a milestone, something changes, charismatic, but this book will have you looking at the sky or gazing up at distant mountains for it will stir up something profound in your heart. Reading Benny and Griffin is like journeying through modern East Africa and watching history been crafted.

Bill Kinaro is currently pursuing his studies in Economics at Kenyatta University. He began writing the manuscript for “Benny and Griffin” in his sophomore year in high school. The book was published when he was at the age of nineteen.

“At the beginning it was just superstition, then later it became discipline,” Bill says about the process of birthing the book during an interview with Nation Radio FM. “My life was so busy so I needed to save more time to writing my novel which included waking up during ungodly hours and sleeping late in the night so I could get the job done. I needed time and silence, or I would have never been able to write. I set out a timeline on when I wanted to get the book published which was a goal to keep me on my toes and remind me that my dream was worth fighting for.”

Bill is a great example to young men and women that show that there’s no minimum age requirement to achieve your dreams. It is truly wonderful how the sheer love for literature can take you places you’ve never even dreamt of. Age is just a number.

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