These Photos Explore the Zeitgeist of South African Fashion

The South African fashion industry is one that has always been known for its vibrancy, energy, and willingness to embrace anything and everything. Creative Director, Liza Lombard, has recently brought that spirit to life in a stunning passion project with photographer Nina Zimolong. The project, which explores the zeitgeist of the South African fashion industry through the eyes of an optimistically-naive-newbie-stylist, is a celebration of all things fashion, from streetwear and sportswear to couture and even domestic household gloves.

Liza had a clear vision for the project, stating that “I wanted to capture the ‘everythingness’ and ‘anything-goes’ mentality I see in the fashion campaigns, street wear, and personal projects around me.” To achieve this vision, Liza worked with both big and small local designers and brands, mixing high and low fashion in a way that highlights the creativity and ingenuity of the industry. The project is a testament to the collective nature of the local fashion sphere, where everyone learns from and inspires each other.

The impromptu location choices also added to the overall feeling of freedom and creativity in the project. The absurdly styled model turned heads and shocked passersby on the Sea Point Promenade, a reminder that fashion is about pushing boundaries and being bold.

One of the most important aspects of the project for Liza was to ensure that the brands that allowed them to use their garments were highlighted. “As stylists, we often collaborate with brands only to fit an aesthetic we want to achieve. Accordingly, I feel that brands ‘collaborated with’ for a test shoot, sometimes only become a means to an end,” Liza said. By highlighting the brands and their beautiful garments, Liza wanted to show that they can all work together to create something truly special.

The garments themselves were allowed to direct the styling, rather than the other way around. This approach created a cohesive, yet dynamic look that captures the essence of the South African fashion industry.

The project is a stunning showcase of the talent and creativity of the local fashion industry. Liza Lombard and Nina Zimolong have truly captured the zeitgeist of South African fashion in a way that is both playful and inspiring. As Liza said, “everyone in our local fashion sphere, as creatives, form part of a collective. Instead of competing in an industry/market, we learn from one another and inspire each other.” This project is a testament to that spirit, and a reminder that anything is possible when we work together.

Photographer: Nina Zimolong

Creative Direction, Production & Styling: Liza Lombard

Make Up Artist: Annika Carstens

Model: Milasande from My Friend Ned

Brands: Kaap Diem, Money Slab, Sealand, Broke, Manna Picnic, Julia Buchanan, Yellow by Jeslea, Flair Supply, Arhto Eksteen, Duo, Emelia Dorcas.

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