Crayon’s The One is a Tribute to Davido’s Dami Duro

In 2013, Davido came into limelight with an energetic number that took the Nigerian airwave by storm, Dami Duro. The opening scene of the “Dami Duro” music video depicts the Nigerian artist and his companions indulging in drinks at a lounge. However, their merriment is disrupted when the waiter approaches the group and poses an ill-mannered query: “My boo said who will pay for the drinks.” Davido takes offense at this disrespectful insinuation and responds by instructing his friends to pour out their costly beverages directly from the bottles onto the ground. The waiter looks on incredulously as they discard the drinks in a manner that can be likened to wasting money. Not content with this display of defiance, Davido proceeds to throw a bundle of cash at the waiter, who recoils in sheer astonishment. The incident sets the tone for the rest of the video, which showcases Davido’s lively performance and the vibrancy of Nigerian culture.

As an echo of Davido’s Dami Duro, Crayon’s video to his new single The One (Chop Life) features him in a lounge with friends, repeating the same scenerio as Davido’s 11-year-old breakout number.

The Mavin record signee revealed this on his Twitter profile to wide acclaim and missed reactions.

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