8 Times Dulo Harris Made Voice Over Impressions that Made Us LOL

Dulo Harris

Dulo Folarin Harris (@iamdulo) is a voice over actor whose humourous comic voice over impressions of viral clips, especially of unwitty animals, had earned him over a million followers. With each clip, Dulo ascribes a sense of anthropomorphism to these animals. And he gets more accurate with each clip.

Combining the magic of voice control, accurate mimicry, and a compelling West African accent, each time Dulo uploads a voice over clip, viewers usually become lost in the skits they’ll almost forget that the animals are not actually the ones talking.

Animals are not Dulo’s only interest. He has also created the perfect voice impressions of a ball handling scene, and a painfully embarrassing scene of what appears to be a meet and greet with Anthony Joshua and Floyd May-weather. Here are 5 of our favourite clips from he’s made.

This is a cat house

What??? No banana in this drink?

Remember the 2022 Chris Rock x Will Smith saga?

The Knife Play Show. This looks like the perfect ad for a knife manufacturer

This is such a suspenseful scene…

Put me out the game please…

This dog experienced heaven…

This is sorcery…

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