We Can Time Travel: A New Commandment From Sampa The Great

In true legendary style, Angelique Kidjo carries the song’s chorus with a thousand voices in one. Her signature sound is indisputable in its hooks. Her input of Yoruba or Fon before the song ends is totally expected and, as usual, is a hit.

In its Agolo-inspired visual, Let Me Be Great seems to have achieved a lifetime status. Agolo is a song which was released by Angelique Kidjo in 1994, with a music video which was ahead of its time. You would think a tribute to the impeccable Agolo video which Michel Meyer directed and brought Angelique Kidjo her first Grammy Awards Nomination, would just be simple, instead, it seems to have a Midas touch effect; everything it touches turns to gold. Or better still we should say, everything that touches it turns to gold.

The cultural and royalty vibes the video gives are undeniable with its abstract and otherworldly effect. Has Sampa the Great released a classic with this collaboration that will continue to be sampled for a lifetime? We’ll see. 

Speaking of samples, the ‘forever ever, forever ever’ line seems to be an ageless time traveller from its inclusion in Ms Jackson’s song by OutKast, to Diamonds from Sierra Leone by Kanye West to its use by Jay-Z in Beyonce’s MOOD 4 EVA, and now in Let Me Be Great by Sampa the Great. At least someone listened when Sampa said, “You can time travel, any month, any year.”

We would accurately be on track when we say, Sampa the Great has let herself be Great with this song and its video tribute, with Angelique Kidjo right there by her side.

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