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Pot of Stories

The Jacket Seen on Tal Street

Ndawedwa Denga Hanghuwo in Lolwe Magazine

Grace, a high school teacher, falls in love with the principal, Thomas Kaura who’s 15 years older, at her workplace. A case of an attack is traced to the school Grace works and her cousin studies. The policemen are to carry out a proper investigation of the attack, but not without the consent of the parents of the students.

My Blueberry Dreams

Victor Daniel in Lolwe Magazine

With only a sense of social obligation, Stanley tries to find his feet between keeping his work which he’s dreamt of, keeping his friends who he enjoys Friday evenings with and most especially, his love life with the dilemma that comes with it.

Surviving Memories

 Hajaarh Muhammad Bashar in Poemify Magazine

Non-fiction at its finest, Hajaarh takes her readers on a journey to her undergraduate days. She reminisces about her struggles as a first-time student, and she writes about a friend that becomes a victim of a kidney infection. A gripping story indeed. 


Hussani Abdulrahim in Boston Review

A widow goes all out to fulfil her fantasy; that is, to bring her husband back through any means possible. A witch doctor will help her out in bringing her husband back to the land of the living through mud creation.


Pemi Aguda in Munyori Literary Journal

A woman who is a caterer finds for herself a cooking gig offer from a big church. She sets to work. Find out her experiences that unfold from a humour-filled narration into a horror-filled one.

Pot of Poetry

This city was once beautiful

Michael Imossan in Frontier Poetry

the smokes

from the near villages call to me, as if to say look how terror

wrestles beauty, look how cruelty, like grasses, grow deep in our


All Life Has a Sting

 Catherine Mpond in Writers Space

There is an enemy confined on my left shoulder

My village people say so

In his presence, I sense absence

My absence, our absence


Joshua Effiong in IHRAF

If the 

genesis of bloom is defined by rainfall, 

what would you say of the cactus flourishing 

in my air sacs?

I Was Told the Sunlight Was a Cure

Hanif Abdurraqib in Poets

so I declare on the days I want to be alive I might drag

my drummer & my singer to your doorstep & ask you to dance

yes, you, who also survived the groaning machinery of darkness

Ode to What I Do Not Know

Gbenga Adesina  in Narrative Magazine

Some nights I wake up panting, knowing

that I’m a stranger—with accent, homeless—

in the childhood country of my body.

Book Recommendations


Trevor Noah (2022)

Born a Crime by Trevor Noah is an autobiographical piece of literature with a lot of humour, even though there are sad accounts too. This book unfolds the life of Trevor, growing up as a kid in South Africa. As a mixed-race kid of a white father and a black mother, Trevor faces a lot of struggles in the then South African community. From Political apartheid to Racism, identity crisis, education, and religion among others, Trevor tells it all.

Trevor Noah is a South African comedian, writer, producer, political commentator, actor, and TV host, born in the 20th of February, 1984. He is the host of The Daily Show, an American satirical news program on Comedy Central.

News & Opportunities

Kanya Shamsrumi Special


Look at the Nigerian Poets and literary enthusiasts who have been doing well in the literary community in 2022.

Decolonial Passage Issue 2


Decolonial Passage Issue 2 is currently open for submissions and is centered on food.

Afritondo Short Story Prize


Afritondo Short Story Prize(2023) calls for submissions.

Punocracy Longlist


Punocracy announces her longlist for the 2022 prize for satire. 

Poet Lore Submissions


Poet lore is open for submissions, and pays $50.

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