Muyiwa Akhigbe’s Diary: “If I don’t make music, I’ll die.”

The protean creative, Muyiwa Akhigbe is an art director, singer, visual artist and the cofounder of Gliitzscape, an advertising agency and online art gallery. 

He describes himself as a non-conformist, an attribute that has influenced his exploration of several forms of art. When it comes to his music, Muyiwa creates Afro-futurist sound, a genre achieved from the fusion of Western Futuristic sound and Afrocentric sound. For visual art, he utilises AI {Artificial intelligence} technology in creating imaginative realism art.

Despite his involvement in many things, Muyiwa strives to balance his creativity evenly. For instance, his daily routine involves creating AI art every morning after meditating. This led us to put Muyiwa on the hot seat with a tricky question. His response struck a nerve. Read on to catch the juicy details.

A Day in the Life of Muyiwa Akhigbe

5 am – 9:30 am

I’m an early-morning person and my day usually starts at 5 am. Waking up early is a habit I picked up in secondary school and university.

This morning after I woke up, I took time to boot before starting anything. Then I checked my phone for emails, notifications, and messages. Basically anything work related to help me portion my task for the day. 

Once I sorted that out, I meditated and created AI art. I create AI art every morning. Today, I explored abstract expressionism with respect to various times of the day.

Muyiwa’s Exploration of Abstract Expressionism

Afterwards, I had a status meeting from 7:30 am to 9:30 am.

9:30 am – 11:30 am

I started my tasks for the day. I also sorted out breakfast (ordered rice and beans with beef and egg) before I finished my first batch of work at 11:30 am. I ate breakfast by 11:30 am and watched a documentary while eating. 

3 pm – 6 pm

I chilled for about 2 hours before starting another round of work. I had the rest of the day to myself after completing my tasks so I went out for drinks with my friends in the evening.

Popcorn Island by Muyiwa

Rapid Cruise with Muyiwa Akhigbe

What are your last five searched items on Google? 

Music or AI art: Which would you pick If you have to let one go?

AI art. If I don’t make music, I’ll die.

What’s a hack you’ve mastered when it comes to creating music and AI art respectively?

Music: How to listen. Many people don’t know how to listen to music. I did an artist development course where I learned how to listen to music.

AI: Keep at it. The more you make the engine work, the better the outcomes and the more the AI understands your thought pattern. It’s like magic.

I’m curious to know. How do you listen to music?

So because this is knowledge I paid for, I’ll just give a little. To truly take in and dissect a 3-minute song, you’d have to listen at least 4 times.

What’s a website, app or online resource everyone should know about? Why?

Pinterest. It’s creativity heaven. @earth on IG. Our world is beautiful.

Things to watch on YouTube: Up and Up by Coldplay and The Congolese dandies.

For those interested in AI art, download Starry ai and Dawn ai.

All my worlds coming together by Muyiwa

What would you do if you were given a lion you can’t give away or sell?

I’d raise it. It has to be a cub. Don’t give me Mufasa. But I think it’d be nice to raise a lion cub since I love animals and wildlife in general.

What’s one thing that most people hate but you love?

The smell of petrol.

What do you do when nobody’s watching?

I look for a mirror and admire myself.

Who would you choose if you could spend a day with one person?

My best friend, Adeola.

Brotherhood by Muyiwa

What was the last gift you gave someone?

I won’t lie, it was money.

What’s a song you wish you sang?

Meji Meji by Brymo.

Make a list of 10 songs you’re vibing to at the moment.

Fire boy – All of us 

Burna and Ed – For my hand

Young Jonn – Normally 

Atta Otigba – Rescue

Ariana – Point of view

Nico and Vinz – Am I Wrong

Lagbaja – Never far away

Beyoncé – Daddy lessons

Leon Bridges – Beyond

Ruth B – Dandelions

If you could talk to your younger self, what would you say?

Yo, younger me, you’ll be fine. Trust in your gut and know that you’re always where you’re meant to be.

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