Edward’s Diary: Meet the Barber Who Rates His Job 100/10

Featured on this episode of the Creative Diary is a barber and content creator from Lagos, Nigeria. Edward Joseph ventured into the hair industry six years ago and has expanded his shores, redefining the barbering profession. On a scale of 1-10, Edward loves his job over 100. His rating might come off as inapt, but it shows the depth to which he takes pleasure in the work of his hands.

We spent a day with Edward and extracted juicy details. Here’s a recap of how it went from Edward’s POV.

A Day in the Life of Edward Joseph

7am- 10am

I sleep very late and wake up early. I woke up around 7 am but stayed in bed till 8am. When I finally got up, I brushed my teeth and prepared custard. I love to eat something light for breakfast, and custard with akara is my go-to early-morning food. There’s an akara seller down my street, so I strolled and bought hot akara to accompany my custard.

After breakfast, I set out to work. I work based on appointments. Clients book my time, giving me direction on what to do daily. My first appointment of the day is 10 am. I set out before 10 am because I live on the mainland while my client stays on the island. I always endeavour to beat traffic and arrive at my client’s location earlier than the fixed time.

10am- 2pm

I did my first client’s cut and moved to other locations on the island to meet other clients. Most of my jobs are on the island, making everything easy.

2pm- 6pm

Asides from barbing, I’m also a content creator and fashion model. I mostly create content during my free time. Today, I went out with my friends and covered our activities. 

6pm- 8pm

I worked on editing the videos after I got back home. I always edit videos when I settle in my house. I have so many music preferences for videos, and it’s always difficult to choose one while creating content, so I reserve it until I can think and choose the perfect sound.

Rapid Cruise with Edward Joseph

What are your last searched items on Google?

What’s the most surprising mail/message you’ve gotten?

A message from Osas (Virtuosi) that I was picked to attend Wurld’s Concert last year.

How was the concert?

It was dope, with perfect sounds. The guest artists were outstanding.

What are 3 things you’ll never be caught doing?

Masturbating, cheating and stealing.

What’s one thing nobody knows about you?

Most people don’t know my age. I look older in person but young in numbers.

I’m curious to know

It’s still what nobody knows about me, so you can’t know.

What is the most annoying thing a client has done to you while giving them a haircut?

Okay, I’ve encountered a gay client that was interested in me at first glance. So when I had his cut, he said some uncomfortable things I couldn’t take. I had to stop the cut and leave.

Would you rather be wealthy or famous?

Wealthy. I don’t particularly appreciate being pressured. Being famous would surely put me in such situations, and I don’t want that.

What’s your most embarrassing moment while working?

I’m a sweaty person. I sweat even on my palms, so it gets uncomfortable and embarrassing when there’s much heat where I am because I’d get to sweat profusely.

So has any client made a complaint about your sweat while working?

Actually, not really. I just feel embarrassed because I hate some situations. I get to waste time because I won’t be comfortable while cutting.

What haircut/ hair care tips should everyone keep in mind?

A man should have his haircut, shave weekly, and stick to the same barber or stylist. He should wash his hair regularly and maintain it with hair treatments. It’s also advisable to avoid applying harmful hair dyes.

Why is changing barbers not advisable?

Changing barbers could affect one’s haircut styles and hairline. It’s best to stick to a barber.

What do you wish you had known at the start of your career?

My career is just starting. I’ve known all I need to know from the start.

Hmm, so let me ask this. What advice would you give to someone looking to start in your industry?

Before starting, there’s learning. One should be dedicated to learning the skills squarely. Good conduct is also of utmost priority, be it just home services or owning a barbershop. One must relate to their clients very well because they are the ones to make money go around, lol.

I want to change the misconception of classifying barbing as a low-income and classless job. The truth is there are different levels and standards for other jobs. I’ll encourage barbers to brand themselves as there’s more to barbing than the degrading tag placed on it. 

What hairstyles are your favourite at the moment?

Low cut fade, high top fade( this one is regularly called Afro cut or punk), and side fade with plaiting or dreads. Basically, I’ll say anything that has to do with side fades.

Make a playlist of ten songs you’re listening to right now.

Show Dem Camp’s new album, “Palmwine Music 3”

Are there any other songs you’re listening to?

Yes. Wizkid’s Bad To Me, Brymo’s Market Square, and Asake’s Nzaza.

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