These 10 Intriguing Black Romantic Movies Belong in Your Watchlist

Romance is arguably one of the biggest things we crave. It sometimes makes us feel complete and loved. Knowing someone out there will ride for us till the very end has a beautiful ring to it. 

Some of the most excellent flicks to exist out there are romantic movies. They all give us the sense of hope that there is someone out there that’d complete us and bring a new meaning to life. They sometimes touch complex and sensitive subjects while reminding us that the greatest blessing is love, as it is the unifier of all things. Most of them give us those mushy-type endings that may not seem realistic but are essential to avert our eyes from the world’s happenings.

As someone who enjoys watching a plethora of movies, Black romantic movies are by far my favourite because they excellently portray the beauty that is Black love. Here in this article, I have highlighted 10 of these movies that I think everyone should see.

Resort To Love, Starring Christiana Miller and Sinqua Walls

An aspiring Pop star lands a gig at a luxurious resort island after a music career meltdown, which turned out to be her ex-fiance’s wedding. She tries to hide their past relationship from his bride-to-be but starts to rediscover her feelings for her ex despite several attempts from his brother to keep them from falling in love. 

This was a very refreshing take on rom-coms, and the visuals in this movie were to die for. 

The Holiday Calendar, Starring Kat Graham, Quincy, Ethan Beck

A photographer inherits an advent calendar that seems to predict her future- including a budding romance. As someone who watches a lot of holiday romance flicks, The Holiday Calendar set the tone for me because it was the first time I saw a black woman play the lead in a cheesy holiday flick, not as a token best friend.

This movie has the complete element of a cheesy rom-com, a great cast, predictable plots and a very mushy romance. What’s not to love about it?

Think Like Man, Starring Kevin Hart, Micheal Ealy and Megan Good

After a group of friends discover that the ladies in their lives have been reading Steven Harvey’s Think Like a Man for relationship advice, the men decide to take the upper hand and use the book to their advantage.

In my opinion, this movie is more comical than romantic. It makes us ponder the disadvantages of manipulation. You’re sure to have a swell time with this film.

The Photograph, Starring Issa Rae and Lakeith Stanfield

This film tells the story of Mae, who finds it hard to cope with the sudden death of her mother, Christina Eames, a famed photographer. When Mae finds a photograph stashed in a safety deposit box, she starts to dig into her mother’s early life, which would begin an investigation that leads to an unexpected romance with a rising investigative journalist.

Black people will appreciate this movie because it gives us that positive love story we’ve always wanted in the cinema. I’d admit, it brought a little tear to my eye.

If Beale Street Could Talk, Starring Regina King and Stephen James

Based on James Baldwin’s story with the same name- If Beale Street Could Talk- tells the story of a young black couple, Fonny and Tish, whose future hangs in the balance when Fonny is arrested for rape- a crime he did not commit.

This movie is a must-watch because it not only focuses on the consequences of a prejudicial system, it shows, to a very brilliant point, the importance of hope and resilience that love brings to the table. Regina king blows my socks off with her performance in this film.

Jumping The Broom, Starring Paula Patton, Laz Alonso and Angela Bassett

Corporate Lawyer Sabrina and Wall street Broker Jason start a whirlwind romance that leads to an engagement between the two. When their families meet, their vastly different upbringings and significant differences start to show cracks threatening the relationship’s stability.

If you grew up watching Tyler perry movies, this would undoubtedly bring a sense of nostalgia. The characters all have individual flaws, making us understand them better.

Moonlight, Starring Mahershala Ali, Trevante Rhodes and Janelle Monae

This critically acclaimed film-which went on to win an Oscar and follows three specific time frames in the life of Chiron, a young black man in Chicago who is experimenting with his sexuality even as life continues to be a pain in the behind.

This movie gives us the empathy and humanity we desperately want from the world.

Sylvie’s Love, StarringTessa Thompson, Nnamdi Asomugha and Rege-Jean Page

Sylvie’s love tells the story of Robert(Nnamdi Asomugha), a saxophonist who spends late nights playing behind a less talented but well-known bandleader as a member of a Jazz Quartet. When Robert takes a part-time job at a record store, he meets Sylvie, whose father owns the record store. Sylvie spends her time dreaming about reconnecting with her fiancè, who has been drafted to war but starts to develop a friendship with Robert that turns into a deep passion that is unlike anything they’ve ever felt.

The Chemistry between Nnamdi and Tessa is undeniable, which makes the flick very easy to enjoy.

How Stella Got Her Groove Back, Starring Angela Bassett and Taye Diggs

The movie, directed by Kevin Rodney Sullivan, adapted from the Terry Mcmillian 1996 title of the same name, tells the story of Stella Payne, a successful 40-year-old stockbroker raising her son Quincy and living in California. She is convinced by her best friend from College to take a well-deserved break to Montego bay, Jamaica, where she meets the young and swanky islander Winston Shakespeare.

While his pursuit of her turns her off at first, it becomes a budding romance that lets Stella reexamine her life to strike a balance between her desire for love and companionship and her desires as a mother and corporate executive.

This film delivers great escapism for people who desire fun in their lives.

Love and Basketball, Starring Sanaa Lathan and Omar Hepps

Arguably one of the most adored black romance films, love and basketball follows two childhood friends, Monica and Quincy, who fall in love with each other over the years as they both choose their dreams to play professional basketball.

This movie is perfect for a first date because the Chemistry between the lead is undeniable. It also touches on ambition and teaches a lesson or two about it.

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