Bukky Ojeifo Steps in as Twitter’s Global Head of Culture and Community

AMAKA.STUDIO— Bukky Ojeifo has become Twitter’s new global head of culture and community. God-is Rivera, who held the position before, has left the company. Ojeifo has been important to some of its biggest cultural moments and projects since 2019. In her new job, the Nigerian-American marketing expert will keep up the company’s mission to serve the many different voices that add to the public conversation on Twitter.

Twitter’s Global Head of Brand Experiences and Engagement, Nola Weinstein, said that Ojeifo had made a big difference in how well the culture and community team has done.

I’m glad that Bukky will be in charge of this work from now on. She has been a key part of the Culture and Community team’s success and a passionate, creative, strategic powerhouse from the start. She said, “Bukky is the voice of the Voices. She is a community builder and fierce advocate who works hard to raise and uplift in everything she does.

Ojeifo was previously the firm’s senior global culture and community manager, advising Twitter on how to reach out to and talk with groups that don’t get enough attention.

Ojeifo has been building communities and promoting culture for more than ten years. More recently, she has been in charge of a cultural strategy for how Twitter appeared to customers in global markets, including Ghana, where the company is just starting to build a presence and headquarters.

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