Announcing The Moveee’s Partnership with the Ibom International Art and Book Festival

The maiden edition of the Ibom Art and Book Festival is set to take place from Thursday 28th to Sunday 31st, July 2022. The event is hosted by Inspire Community Network, a Lagos-based organization with a vision to continuously identify and inspire young and emerging changemakers to develop their communities. The event will bring together more than 2,000 writers, poets, musicians, artists, dancers, filmmakers, actors, students, and entrepreneurs to learn from and inspire each other. Participants will attend panel discussions, book chats, exhibitions, screenings, and workshops. Both established and emerging names in the various fields will be coming together.

As a partner of the festival, The Moveee will be curating and creating exclusive content in anticipation of the event. We’ll always put our hands on the pulse by capturing moments from some of the event panellists and spotlight artists. Expect us to bring to you the juiciest updates.

Notable names to expect from the event include Igoni Barrett, a multi-award winning writer of short stories and novels; Nadia Hashimi, author of 3 books and a former candidate for a House of Representatives seat in the USA; and Burns Effiom, a celebrated painter, poet, designer, performance artist, and curator. Igoni, Nadia and Burns will deliver a keynote address, on the first, second and third days respectively.

Other names to expect at the festival include: journalist and film-maker, Kiki Mordi; writer and author, Bura-Bari Nwilo; and author and speechwriter, Michael Afenfia amongst many others. We will be bringing to you inner scoops of the work and personal lifes of selected guests, speakers and artists from this edition.

This year’s theme is Reclaim and Redefine: The Artist and the Art, and it “attempts to bridge the gap in the representation of artists and arts in books and art festivals around the world”. The goal is to provide more visibility to the creatives creating noteworthy works in Nigeria and beyond: “If you’ve been shouting and no one is hearing,” Kate Ekanem-Hannum, the festival director says, “Ibom International Art and Book Festival is where you shout and someone stands and says, I hear you, and oh, I see you too.”

Grab a ticket in anticipation of the event here.

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