Watch out for Hungry Black Man’s International Black Food and Wine Festival

Have you ever wondered what it’d be like if we had festivals for food and food alone? An all-out foodie ceremony celebrating Black people’s cuisine? Well, if it did sound like a far-reaching fantasy, it wasn’t. It’s actually happened before (and maybe it’ll happen again, most likely). On May 26th 2021, it was announced that The Hungry Black Man was planning to, and will host the first International Black Food & Wine Festival, set for Juneteenth weekend 2022 in Miami (that will be Sunday the 19th of June this year). The Hungry Black Man Media is a unique company that specializes in the storytelling of the national Black and minority food and drink ecosystem. And with the number of experiences they’ve gotten from their travels and events like this, it feels promising that this event will have us gone from foodies to Craving black Men (I should probably reapply for a Visa again, maybe this time it will click for me). Read more here.

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