Billboard and Afropop get together: watch out for the all-new U.S. Afrobeats Chart

Do you know who else is getting together asides from Rihanna and A$AP (you’ve heard of the engagement rumours haven’t you)? Billboard and Afro Nation! Afrobeats music has made its presence felt on the global platform in recent years, with songs like Peru, Essence and Love Nwatiti hitting the Billboard Hot 100. On the 29th of March 2022, Afrobeat songs will officially have their own chart on the coveted USA Billboard. This new addition was born out of a partnership between Billboard and AfroNation. This new chart will stream the best of Afropop in the United States. In fact, on the debut day, the chart will pan out 50 of the most influential, popular and well-accepted songs in the United States (I can almost smell Peru on the list, but fingers crossed). The chart will then be updated on a weekly basis. What do you think the number one song would be? Finesse?

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